Focus Area: Children, Youth, Mentoring, Sports


The vision of Missio Church is to participate in the redemption and transformation of the city of Syracuse by mobilizing people, partnering with other churches who are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and planting other expressions of the church throughout the region. This local congregation is committed to making an impact for the glory of God and for the good of the city.

Started in 2008, Missio Church gathers corporately in the Westside neighborhood and places a strong emphasis on smaller, mid-week gatherings (called Missional Communities) which meet in homes throughout the city and county.

Volunteer Impact

Volunteers of Missio Church are making a difference in Syracuse by supporting the following efforts:

Community Youth Outreach
Throughout the year, Missio Church provides a variety of youth programming for the residents of the Near Westside, including after-school clubs, sports, and activities in the park.

Student Mentoring
Students who request a mentor through the Syracuse City School District are paired with a caring adult who meets regularly with them to provide encouragement, support, and guidance.