Focus Area: Immigrants


Iglesia Misional (or the Latino Community of Faith) was started in 2016 in response to the influx of Latino Americans resettling in Syracuse, particularly from Cuba. Although they have arrived at their destination, those who resettle in our city are often faced with a new set of challenges in a foreign culture, without the blessing of family and friends, and often lacking the language skills to secure a decent job. Iglesia Misional seeks to love them, serve them, and offer the hope of the gospel.

Vision: To participate in the redemption and transformation of the city of Syracuse by: 
- mobilizing people to pursue God and to represent Him everywhere they go. 
- partnering with other churches who are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
- planting churches and expressions of the gospel throughout the Latino community. 

Volunteer Impact

Volunteers of Iglesia Misional are making a difference in Syracuse by supporting the following efforts:

Monthly Dinner
Near the end of each month, members of the Latino community are invited to enjoy a meal, drink coffee, and play dominoes (a popular Latino pastime). Volunteers assist with food preparation, set-up, clean-up, transportation, and making our guests feel at home.

Discipleship Groups
Mid-week groups provide an opportunity to learn and grow through studying the Bible, praying for one another, and serving together.